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A stroke of Musical Genius

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If it’s been too long since you have listened to a song which you have considered pure genius here is the recent B.o.B ft. Eminem & Hayley Williams – Airplanes 😉 !

I could really use a wish right now myself!



Posted in 1 by errorinlogic on April 23, 2010
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We can all use a great daily dose of laughter so, here is one place where to check out some cool videos.
Laugh your face off, I know I am, my cheeks hurt already! 😀

Happy Half Birthday to Everyone who is celebrating this week, month, year 😉

Simple ways to relax

“The Height Of Cultivation Runs Through Simplicity” – Bruce Lee.

After careful consideration opinions from readers and the state of my own physical and mental state I have concluded  that it is called for that I post some simple ways to relax.

Most of us have come across the expression “God is a kid with an ant farm” and that may be considered because we have become like ants; we are highly capable, multi-developed, resourceful, creative, workaholic individuals going about our days thinking “how much we can do this day” instead of “how can I make more time for myself”.

If you have had days when you are stressed out, your head hurts, you have muscle and joint pain and you are feeling drained out of energy and unable to think, like I found myself to be almost everyday, which I am currently trying to work on and correct,you will find some of these suggestions helpful.

Change happens gradually

As you have noticed change happens harder than anything else because even though we all desire it, “enforcing the habit” is a lot more challenging than we might think.

From frequent reading on topics of this sort, and study of the body and mind and how this wonderful machine works, it has been scientifically proven that to change a habit you need to enforce it consecutively for 21 days. Why 21 days and not 10 or 20 or a whole month?  Because it takes the brain 21 days to create new neural pathways, and gives neurons the time to re-route energy between the old roads to the new and to decide that the new established connections have higher effect and should be adopted permanently.

Some of the things that have a high impact on your health and level of energy:

  • the food you eat

You may have heard the expression “we are what we eat” and that is true to the letter because the outer world is a reflection of the inner world; in other words the body absorbs nutrients from the food you give it and converts it into energy, energy that you need to go about your day and perform admirably in the tasks at hand.

So I would advise to eat only “live food” : fruit and vegetables. Why do I call it live food? Because careful analysis has shown that every vegetable or fruit eaten raw has still life force in it when you eat it.

Only a living organism can heal and give life to another living organism. Natural food, uncooked can heal you and increase the energy level, next to helping your body detox and remove chemicals, pesticides, food colorants, additives and so on, which exist in most of the food we buy from hypermarkets and stores instead of the market.

Best way is to grow it yourself so go get your own patch of tomatoes!

  • the water you drink

“Water is the source of all life.”

The healthiest water to drink is from tap, or spring water. The springs must be tested previously so the water there isn’t contaminated with certain bacteria that may prove to be a risk hazard.

Also it is important to drink warm water. This is an Ayurvedic technique which leads to a healthy metabolism due to weight loss. The body uses an amount of energy for each organ and dedicated process. So drinking warm water, reduce the energy consumption that the body would use in warming the water to its own temperature which is usually between 36-37 degrees Celsius, and increases your energy level because your body absorbs the energy from the water and leads to weight loss cause it helps flush out the fat and cholesterol already deposited in your arteries, and veins even your internal organs, resulting in a healthier metabolism therefore a high energy output.

  • Sunlight – it is vital to the development of vitamin D in the body so daily dozed exposure to sunlight is beneficial. Sunlight also kills some bacteria that live on the skin.
  • Air – the vital part of life.

The quality of the air indoors is not the same as the quality of air outside. The oxygen quantity outside is considerably denser than the one inside so make sure to air out your homes 3-4 times a day. Also consider spending as much time possible outdoors in the garden if you have one. It is known that the color green relaxes the eyes and the mind.

  • Salt in your bath water

The body is made-up of several “micro-elements” the most predominating one being Calcium, and the second one Magnesium and the list goes on.

What most people don’t realize is that among the most basic ones is Natrium, Iodine and Sulphur. These three detox the body on an energetic level. For example if you work with a computer, the computer emits an electromagnetic field and that field in time weakens your “aura” (the natural energy of your body) stealing energy from you and radiating you. You may have noticed computers and cellphones come with a SAR notice which explains the level of radiation per squared centimeter of skin.

Salt balances your energy level, depolarizing you. That’s why people go to the seaside every year. With salt in your bath tub you can have the seaside in your  home. Look for marine salt, the unrefined type unlike your table iodised salt.

For women who can’t relax!

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Relaxing technique

True Rhytm And Poetry!

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For all you hip hop music lovers here’s Hyperaptive, who combines fun with talent and well written lyrical content, who gets my vote and support without question! Well done Jason Hawkins! I will keep both eyes on you! Keep the inspiration flowing !

Hyperaptive – Lost Cause

Slow Dance

I would like to share with you a poem I have come across written by a little girl with terminal cancer, in a New York hospital, who had limited time in this life and got to enjoy it deeply than any of us. Please take time to read it because it is inspiring.


Have you ever watched kids
On a merry-go-round?
Or listened to the rain
Slapping on the ground?
Ever followed a butterfly’s erratic flight?
Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?
You’d better slow down.
Don’t dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won’t last.

Do you run through each day
On the fly?
When you ask “How are you?”
Do you hear the reply?
When the day is done
Do you lie in your bed
With the next hundred chores
Running through your head?
You’d better slow down
Don’t dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won’t last.

Ever told your child,
We’ll do it tomorrow?
And in your haste,
Not see his sorrow?
Ever lost touch,
Let a good friendship die
Cause you never had time
To call and say “Hi”?
You’d better slow down.
Don’t dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won’t last.

When you run so fast to get somewhere
You miss half the fun of getting there.
When you worry and hurry through your day,
It is like an unopened gift….
Thrown away.
Life is not a race.
Do take it slower
Hear the music
Before the song is over.

The mastermind

Since the birth of technology and our constant addiction to it, we find ourselves driven towards perfection. Do more and more, be better and better, be the best in your field of expertise,and so on…where is this need towards perfection coming from?

In my opinion it is coming from insecurity, from the fear that we are not satisfied with just good enough. The smarter we get the more likely we are to see complexity in everything we do and develop conflicting options to the point that we don’t know what to choose and we do nothing in the end.

The mind is not present just in the physical part called the brain, but also in the body, where every cell is conscious and self-aware of your thoughts. It’s like a small pebble you throw in the water and it causes a ripple effect, that pebble is your thought and the water is the body, which feels everything all the time.

The mind is structured into 5 individual minds:

a) The HEAD – is the executive mind, which focuses on enforcing priorities, giving orders, and being decisive when making a decision. It is open to all possibilities, and all outcomes, it encouraging and supporting.

It reacts to thoughts of uniqueness and being special, it sets limits for what you believe you can or can’t do and always sticks to them.

b) The WONDERING MIND – is curious and experimental, inventive, playful; you should always give it freedom to think new ideas because it is enough of 1 out of your 10 ideas to work in order for you to get your business going, make your money, increase the quality of your lifestyle and have the time for yourself and your pursuit of happiness.

It is the mind that thrives on confidence and self-belief.

c) The ORGANIZING MIND – the part of the mind that enjoys rules, setting goals and priorities. It helps you evaluate carefully every situation, gives you a status report on all activities, follows your progress.

It is the realist in you, it weights all the pros and cons of every action, therefore you should keep your mind clear in order to allow yourself options and develop follow through.

d) The REACTING MIND –  the one part of the mind which responds to stimuli creating and directing feelings, creating motivation in you. Reactions are an indicator to what you TRULLY WANT so value them.

Don’t be allow to show your feelings and share them. It is a natural way to feel the palette of emotions which is like a rainbow between the only two true emotions: good and bad. Negative emotions are to be more appreciated than positive emotions because the negative ones provide you valuable information, they act as contrast in helping you decide what you REALLY WANT.

e) The KNOWING MIND – it is the database of knowledge and the resource collector and data processor of the brain. It assures information flow directed to a certain topic, idea, point of view and is also responsible for creating efficiency and effectiveness. It is the fact-finding mind.

Knowing the things above help you structure your thoughts better and become efficient and effective. Problems in life are just opportunities to be creative.

Start Creating!

Life is a 5 star hotel

Posted in personal development by errorinlogic on March 1, 2010

Society today evolves around an idea, no, not the one question regarding the chicken and the egg  and which of them came first but that idea that springs out of your mind every few nano-seconds. I am talking about the one which takes space in the back of your head, the part of the mind called the subconscious, where all ideas are formed a few nano-seconds before thought actually becomes motion, and motion action.

Change in the world starts with the way you think, and yes I know you don’t do it often but maybe you should!

It is about time we all realize and recognize that the world we are in and the things in our lives are a result of how we think, therefore a consequence of what we do, as a result of who we are; but who are we, REALLY?

When you make time to ask yourself questions you find that the answers have already been in your possession just that you haven’t been paying attention to them.

In my opinion I agree with some people who call us a product of God, children of creation, God force and we are more than we believe we are, or more likely we forgot who we are and we are here to remember who we are and experience what we are.

Me, personally I believe I am a 5 star hotel, and in it currently residing are my heart, mind, body, soul, and my talent 🙂

I have always been like this but I haven’t been aware of the fact until recently and through the long road I have walked and still walking I have seen, like you both good and bad, thought, been, felt, done, and created my life.

Truth be told I haven’t been doing a wonderful job but the up side is that it is never too late to correct course.

I found this to be very interesting, and I believe you will find it interesting as well if you give yourself 15 minutes to read it: I am the light

CONCLUSION: You need to realize who you are in order to recognize what you are here to experience in this life!

The human condition

The profile of the 21st century generation facts vs opinions

In a world where most of us baby boomers have started their lives with eyes glued to the screen, and mouse in hand instead of the milk bottle, we find ourselves among the chaos of life and having such a busy ineffective life we struggle to find an ounce of time for ourselves.

We are creatures of habit and that can be proven easily by careful study of one day:

You get up, you shower, skip breakfast cause “there’s no time”, you tell yourself “I’ll just get me some fast-food on the way to work I know that nice place where they make it just how I love it, It’s on my way, I’ll save x minutes”; you jump in your car, cause you are too lazy to walk and it’s easier to use the excuse “I’ll beat traffic this way” even if your workplace is two blocks away and it takes you 20 minutes by foot.

You get to work, you don’t start working, you drink your coffee, chat with some fellow workers and act interested in what they say, you jump online “just for a minute” check your emails, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, whatever accounts and eventually when you do have some work you delay it by another few minutes.

Congratulations! You have become the laziest, most obsessive compulsive, co-dependent technology addict and internet junky we all know and love!

Time moves on and you wonder why your routine doesn’t lead you to a better job, a more decent salary, enough vacation time, or least some time to spend with your children which are quickly developing the same multiple personality as you cause they are “too stressed” by the many things they have to do today none of which are efficient or effective or actually gets them anywhere close to that point in life where they would like to be.

You find you are sick from all the junk food you eat and the doctor informs you, that you have developed x physical conditions and they have caused y mental fatigue which in result has led to z complications which will lead to your eventual demise unless you buy these special pills which will magically heal you in a t allotted time. Pills are the worse thing you can give to yourself, especially pharmaceutical ones, yes, the ones you eat like candy, when being scarred of a simple cold.

Besides working yourself to death you have another great habit of spending all your money when going out so that you can impress your so-called friends who couldn’t care less. When you finally receive that 15 year awaited promotion and that big fat paycheck you proceed to purchase the most flashy most expensive car that would state “look how much money I have” to all your acquaintances, friends, family members, which in return hit you with a “WOW, COOL” , moment which lasts about five seconds and later you all get back to your boring existence.

That 5 second moment, my friends, put a hole in your pocket of at least five-figures sum dollars or euros! Congrats you now can barely pay for gas but you own a fancy car that gathers dust in your garage!

All irony aside this is me giving you a wake-up call, when you receive it please let me know, until then go about your juicy burger and fries, coke and 1 hour drive through traffic in your luxurious car which you can barely afford, the one that makes you fat and bald, that cuts 20 to 30 years of your life and makes you look 50 in your 20’s!

Conclusion: Make time for the important things in life! And hey, if the important things are for you some of the ones described above no problem or any judgement from me, you’ll judge yourself a lot harshly in the years to come for not paying attention to your life so Happy living!

Personal Development

The best thing any person can do for self-development is to start asking questions. So ask yourself the first question:

1. What is personal development?

In my opinion personal development is that level of self-awareness we should all strive to obtain. It usually starts with a question (?) and from that point your mind struggles with itself looking in its vault of knowledge (memory) for any related information.

2. How is personal development achieved?

Through change. You have to realize and recognize that change is inevitable, whether you are changing mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or even physically which also happens every second because today you don’t have the same cells in your body as you did yesterday. Some parts of your body like bones, organs need more time to change – a several years or at least months unlike others who change instantly for example: when you get a cut the skin and tissue heals itself, and the immune system responds by itself to counteract any outside threat. You don’t have to tell antibodies where to go, who to fight, or any other cells what to fix it just happens. So we can admit that this type of change is made automatically and without our conscious effort.

So we have concluded that regardless of what you want the subconscious part of you knows how to change for your body’s benefit, therefore change is both on a conscious and subconscious level.

Before becoming aware of how to make conscious change you have to become aware of your inner self or self-image.

3. What is the self-image?

The self-image is the way of see yourself. The way you talk to yourself, that inner monologue, that thought pattern, repeating thoughts that lead to behavior which leads to action.

Positive thoughts and positive thinking don’t usually work in your life because you haven’t changed the way you see yourself.

You need to change your self-image before you change your thinking from negative and a low self-esteem to a positive way of thinking and developing that trust in yourself, in other words from a pessimist to a realist with optimistic view on life.

Practical Exercise: I will share with you one exercise I know works because I have used it myself and I am not an adept of talking of things I know not about, and also I do keep an open mind to everything I hear, learn, everyone I meet. In order to change you need to stop yourself and your scepticism and leave behind ignorance.

Take a sheet of paper and write on it daily a letter to yourself:

I am a self-aware person, a healthy person, I am very fit, generous, smart, intelligent, very successful and accomplished financially.

My career…

My personal life…

My health…

My family…

My social life…

[ I will allow you to fill in the blanks with the things you want to be, do, or have in your life ]

4. How does this work?

It makes your mind change your level of attention from the negative things you have in your life right now or better yet from the lack of positive in your life to having the positive in your life. By changing your self image you begin to see yourself as the things you want to become, do, have and it changes your focus. You will notice your mind will react like: Ah this is a bunch of useless psychological babble…At first your mind will be opposed to this mind doesn’t accept change easily. Keep doing it.

For me concrete results started showing after over two weeks, when I noticed a change in the way I perceive myself, the way I talk to myself, how I motivate myself, how my energy level in my body changed and I stopped being tired or not having enough time to do the things I wanted, to opportunities of personal development and career development finding me without me searching for them.

Conclusion: There are no random things in life, there are no ordinary moments. We have the means to shape ourselves, who we are, what we do, what we have, who we meet and so on. Those happy coincidences are the way the universe reacts to us.

So remember: I am not who I am, I am who I choose to be! – Choose to be better and pay more attention to yourself, give more to you!

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